Serial ports do not work


I use my custom board with WizFi630. I can successfully use all ethernet and wireless interfaces (currently it looks like one small switch:)) in any operation mode. However, I can not communicate with WizFi630 by means of serial interfaces. I tried to use three apps for sending commands(<+++>, , , etc. in any combinations) through my COM-port to serial interface #1 (and also #2): Wizard Version 1.0, Device Terminal Ver. 1.0 and WIZSmartScript - no success. I see sent data on TX using oscilloscope, but no data on RX. I have connected only RxD, TxD and GND and haven’t touched RTS_N, CTS_N, RIN, etc. GPIO19 is pulled up to logical “1” while “Serial Command Mode - Disabled”.
Maybe I should use some addtitional pins? Will it work on such minimal RS232 configuration as I have?


Hi Limit

  1. Check GPIO
    Serial Setting → Serial Port #1 → Data Packing Condition → Command mode
    Check Enable(Enable:HW GPIO Used) and change the switch of WizFi630-EVB.

  2. Do .
    Please try it again, after factory default.