WIZ220IO config problem

I just received a WIZ220OI, loaded configuration tool ver 1.1, and powered it up with 5V. Red led on board is on, green led on ethernet jack is on, and orange led on ethernet jack blinks. When I click on search using the tool. the MAC address displays, but all other fields are blank. A window pops up saying “invalid parameters” and under that is another window saying search complete. Am I missing a step or do I have a defective module or bad firmware load?


The problem maybe occured by different version between firmware and config tools.

First, check the firmware version and update the latest version of firmware.

The versions are
fw : 1.3
config tools : 1.1

Config tool is v1.1 FW version 1.2
When I select to upload new firmware I get the error “invalid IP address”.
Only MAC address, FW version, and “Invalid parameter’s value” error is displayed when I select search. All other fields are blank. I cannot update firmware unless I connect with IP first. I have never gotten past this error. What to do next.

I think you’d better return your module to distributor for RMA process.