No answer from W7500P


Hi everybody.

I am using the W7500P-S2E on a self developed Board.
I got a problem with the RS232->Ethernet Signal.

Receiving from the Ethernet:
Received Data goes trough on the U_TXD0 (PA13/Pin43). It is functional and an other RS232 Device gets the Data. Works fine.

Sending back on the U_RXD0 (PA14/Pin44) is correctly but from there… nothing on the Ethernet. Stays dead silent. -> The signal comes correctly on the W7500P Pin44.

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It had Firmware Version 1.1.0.

I tried to update the version to 1.2.4 with the WIZnet tool 0.5.5 Beta

Bin: WIZ750SRv124.bin (App only)

Cant find it anymore. Still have one backup platine with the old same behavior.

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Hi Pio,

For products prior to firmware version 1.1.2, the latest firmware can not be used immediately due to a change in the firmware update mechanism applied to version 1.2.0.
(Refer to

Please refer to the following link: WIZ750SR Recovery User Guide


Hi eric,

regardless of the version.
Is it necessary to update the firmware to get rid of the bug I posted?
Is there a known bug?


Hi Pio.

No cases similar to yours have ever been reported.
If you post the hardware design, such as the schematic or gerber file of your board, we will review it and give you the results.


Hi eric,

is there a way to send you the schematic on private?

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Hi Pio.
Yes. Please use the message of the forum to send the hardware design to me.


Hi eric.

Sry I am not allowed to send you a private message here.
Maybe an email address?

Best Regards


Hi Pio.

Ok. Please mail me directly.
We will contact you after review.


Hey eric.

Thanks for the help.
It was just the missing connection between Pin14 and Pin23.

In total it was my fault using the wrong version of the datasheet. I used v1.0 instead of v1.2.
Also thanks for the fast contact and support via email.

Best Regards