W5300 with external phy dosn't work

I have W5300 with ATXmega32 MCU and I use External PHY (REALTEK)
Data transfering between Xmega and W5300 work well But when I plug in RJ45 cable ,system doesn’t recognize it and unplug cable message is show.and I can’t send or rcv any data!!
I change RJ45 jack but it doesn’t work.
I Really don’t know what the problem is!! Is it related on Rj45 or external phy??
Can u help me? If yes I will be very surprise!

Can you post your schematics? If no, You should compare yours from wiznet’s schematics.

WIZnet’s schematic can be downloaded from [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_Files/ReferenceFiles/W5300_ref_schematics(2010_2_12).zip[/url]


Note that RJ45 refered to WIZnet’s schematics is MAC-JACK(RJ45 is integrated with Transformer).

thanks midnightcow
my shematic is as same as the shematic ,i maked it base on the above shematic.
but still it dosn’t work

Are parts as same as wiznet?
Check the 25MHz clock feed in PHY, the power 3.3V and 1.8V(PWFBOUT net).
The PHY should be operated normally on power-up, regardless of W5300.
On powerup, PHY link led is on or blink when pluged cable but off when un-pluged cable.

If possible, you’d better post the schematic.