W5500 Common mode register (MR ) allways readed as 0

Now I begin to study ths chip The problem is - common MR allways readed as 0 But other regs may be written fnd realed correct

Why did you decide that it is a problem? What you expect to read from there and when (after what actions)?

Did you read the datasheet?

I try to set PB and FARP bits to MR but register readed as 0. But GAR , SUBR registers I can write and read correct. PHYCFGR and VERSION registers also readed correct. And - device did no connect LINKLED and ACTLED flased in ~1sec interval

What exact value(s) you write to common MR register?


Check the address value of MR register and if you set RST bit MR register.
Setting RST to 1 resets all register values.

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