Search and settings


Hi to all.
I need to connect to a W7500P-S2E (default settings) from a PC running our software, and to use it to communicate to a microcontroller connected to W7500 UART.
If I configure with Wiznet S2E configuration tool the Network parameters, Remote IP and Port correctly (and of course UART parameters) everything is working ok.
But the normal case is when either I have a brand new W7500-S2E or network is misconfigured.
I cannot change the IP address of the PC since our software is running on customer’s PC.

If I use the “UDP broadcast” search method I can find the connected device. How can I then change its settings? Is the protocol working even if W7500 and host PC are not in the same subnet?



Hi TizioM,

The configuration setting function of W7500P-S2E (WIZ750SR) also operates based on UDP broadcast like search function. Therefore, if the PC and W7500P-S2E devices are physically connected, the setting function will work even if they are configured with different subnets.