WIZ120SR Serial to ethernet


Since Evaluation board was not available immediately , I ordered only WIZ120SR module , Since I am very new to this product Kindly let me know the procedure for Configuring the same without evaluation board because when i started reading the manual it shows plug the module to evaluation board , Can I directly tap the pins and configure??

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Frankly speaking, it might be quite difficult for you to set it up without its evaluation board.
Configuration is done mainly via ethernet but you feel difficulty in doing that because WIZ120SR doesn’t have RJ45 on it .
I recommend you use WIZ125SR or WIZ750SR-125(same functionality and same form factor but cheaper than WIZ125SR) which have even RJ45 for your test.



Thanks for the reply, I didn’t find those two for the immediate shipment so i went with this. Kindly let me know how to connect to ethernet without evaluation board by tapping 4 wires.



You simply can not get it to work by connecting. It is not enough.

You must configure the circuit as shown below.

In the above circuit, RD1-125BAG1A is an RJ45 connector with a built-in transformer.

The internal circuit of RD1-125BAG1A is shown below.

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Thanks for the reply, I was thinking cant be TPTX+ , TPTX-., TPRX+ & TPRX- to the pin numbers 1,2,3 &6 of RJ45 connector and directly connect to the system? Will that work? Sorry if the Question is too silly because i am curious to work it out with whatever i have rite now.


The above answer must be configured in the circuit.

The circuit must include R2, R3, R5, R6, C1, C5. Then you can connect it to an RJ45 with a transformer.

In addition, you must connect PWFBOUT to the center tab of the RJ45.

And the wire to be connected should be configured as short as possible.

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Hello Scott,

Thanks for the response, Is it RS232 or TTL because in pinout description it is showing RS232 but in the note they have mentioned 3.3VTTL signal only.