Wiz107SR and TCP error code 10061

Hi all!

I have a Wiz107SR. I can change the settings, the device answers for the ping correctly, but if I try to connect, I always get the error 10061.
(No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.) Why?
I tried with straight and cross cable, face to face with PC, and with straight cable thru router. The phenomenon is the same.
Does anyone have suggestions?
Thanksd in advance!

10061 error is conection refusion.
This error maybe occurred by no existence port number or firewall on PC.
Check your listen port number and check WIZ107SR’s network to belong within PC network configuration.


The problems can arise because of HWTRIG pin or Hardware Trigger switch on WIZ107SR-EVB.
Please check the module’s status using configuration tool. [status:OPEN] is correct.

I’ve attached capture of TCP client connection test result.

1st message : module power off - Timeout occurred
2nd message : H/W Trigger on - Socket error #10061
3rd message : H/W Trigger off - Connected [O]