Ping Problem with W5100 Module

I have a W5100 Module with Spartan 3 FPGA. I set the module IP= and it’s MAC=10:00:00:00:00:71. when i connect the module directly to my laptop, the LINK,RX and TX lightning. I set My laptop’s LAN IP statically to But I can’t ping the module.what’s the probable problem(s)?

It is your laptop’s network adapter issue. You can see that it generates “destination host unreachable” for IP address 192.1668.0.113. What mask do you have in both devices? What default gateway setting?

Default Gateway:
Do you mean that my network adapter is corrupted or something else?

Ok, the exact meaning of the ping printout is that when sending ICMP packet to .113 device with IP address .114 responded with the packet saying “destination unreachable”. You can see that .114 is actually the same PC request was sent to.

I guess it happens because your configuration is missing gateway device (.1). Run Wireshark on your laptop to see what network communication happens when you run PING command.

I did not try that, but you can set laptop’s gateway address to the .113 (W5100 module’s IP address), and then laptop will be sending ARP requests to W5100, and I hope W5100 will reply with resolved its own MAC address.

Could you check the RJ45 LED?

One of the LEDs is typically an “activity” indicator, so it will flash whenever data is being transmitted.
The other LED is usually a “line speed” indicator and is typically orange for 10Mbit and green for 100Mbit line speeds.

And Try as @Eugeny tells you.

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