Phycfgr register read


Hello to all!

Recently I started to implement IP conectivity to my Atmel’s Xmega based project. Wiznet is my favorit IOP for many years and I have choosen W5500 chip.
Now i got to a problem reading the phycfgr reg.
Right after init and if no further action, I can succesfully fead phycfgr and can correctly detect speed, duplex, link state.
But just after i open a tcp socket, reading phycfgr always return all zero.
It is the same even if I just check for a socket status.
However my (Bascom) code does ok - I’m able to do tcp/ip communication well.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions!


Seems that your program reads Reg 0x2E from the socket base instead of the commnon registers (this will return 0x00 Fragment Offset IP Header 1 default). Check the BSB that is sent to the SPI when accessing the REG 0x2E from the socketregister (0x00 @ read or 0x04 @ write to the common registers)



Thanks to oliver28.
I’ll check, if this could be a reason for a wrong read.
Best regards


Hello to all!

I posted this issue to Bascom author, and he found and solved this problem. He sent me a new w5500 lib.
Thanks for help.