MAC Address

Hi guys,

Just wanting to check something with you all. I have a WIZ5500io, and I can talk to it fine and can get it’s IP address and MAC address. I also have a w5500 chip which doesn’t reply with an IP address or MAC address ( but does reply with the version number so I know it’s working). Do I have to go and assign it a MAC address ( by buying one presumably?) and an IP address?

Hi, jdcowpland.

You read value with and 0:0:0:0:0:0(mac) or values are broken??

or you don’t have default MAC address supported??

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I get a reply of for ip and 00:00:00:00:00:00 for mac

Hi, jdcowpland.

First, W5500 has no default MAC and IP. So you must set up, if not, it is always 0.

Second, WIZ550io has default MAC and IP. But if you cannot read these values, there are problems.

WIZ550io has PIC, and PIC set up MAC and IP when booting. But when producing, if there is problem, PIC cannot set up MAC and IP.
Or W5500 chip in WIZ550io has problem(e.g. malfunction).

So, I recommend to check to write MAC address and IP address to WIZ550io and then read them.
If you can read values with correct value, chip is working correctly.

So if, you need to request RMA to distributor where you bought.

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If you need to produce mass quantity, you’d better assign mac address from
(refer to [url]Rong name for w5100 chip])
Otherwise, you’d better buy wiz550io from wiznet or others.