WIZ850io module activity LED always on.

  • Chip temperature: i don’t know, because it is not accessible. Ambiente temperature is about 30°C

  • Powersupply voltage is about 3.3V, and it must be > 3.15V, because our MC is running and we have a supervisor IC with a threshold level of 3.15V

  • No i can’t measure the current consumed by the WIZ850io, but it will not be the 700mA mentioned in the thread High temperature and high consumption , because our 3.3V linear voltage regulator can’t provide so much current.

  • No i can’t check and change the damping resistors and the ferrit bead, because the WIZ850io is soldered on our board and so the parts are not accessible for me

I have the problem that i don’t have a test-setup where i can reproduce the failure, do some changes and check again.
The WIZ850io modules are part of our testsystems that is running at our customers a few 100km away from me. And the ethernet failures are stopping the testsystems and this is not practicable for our customers. So for a workaround, we have changed the communication from ethernet to USB, because the motherboard for the WIZ850io has also a USB interface.

I don’t understand why we have not seen such problems in the past. Our hardware has not changed, and also the environment has not changed.