W5100 RX led Lightening without packet sending!

Hi, in my W5100 module when i have not send any packet from PC to Board (and wireshark page is empty), the RX led lightening about 5 times in a second!

Is board custom made?

Yes, That’s so. I’m using an FPGA custom designed board with a W5100 “module” . The Module Directly connected to PC(without any switched or …)

Ok, let me ask differently. Did you manually solder W5100, or use W5100 module built by WIZnet?

Another question: you post questions since January. Was this issue present from the very beginning when you turned your board first time and attached LAN cable to it?

How did you calculate 5 times per second as it is once per 200 ms (100 ms on and 100 ms off) and it is quite hard to observe/calculate by the unequipped eye.

I use W5100 module and connect it to my solder FPGA board. So i don’t solder the W5100 manually, only FPGA board is soldered manually.

and about second question, Yes this is the same board and it works good but this problem.

and 5 times per second is an estimate with unequipped eye.

when this problem occur:
=> S0_SR = 0x14(listen mode)
INT => ‘1’
and Packet sender could not connect to device

I am trying to help, but your information contradicts itself.

but in the next post you say

“could not connect” is not “works good”.

Do you mean interrupt signal on the W5100 chip, or some interrupt register?

So in your case RX LED flashes when device is in listen mode. No active sockets are in there.

Where is wireshark installed? Explain the connection topology. Depending on the topology and setup wireshark may not be able to capture some traffic. The only reliable way to know is to put another device in between W5100 and another device working in bridge mode, and run wireshark on this bridge.

I do not think you answered the question. I asked “Was this issue present from the very beginning when you turned your board first time and attached LAN cable to it” so the answer could be (exampled) “yes, this issue was from the beginning” or “no, this issue appeared a day/week ago”.

More questions:

  1. if you disconnect LAN cable does RX LED turn off?
  2. if you connect LAN cable with one end to W5100, and with another end to different devices (connect it to your notebook for example) - will RX LED turn on and start flashing?
  3. after you connect the cable, does this flashing start immediately, or with some delay?

At this point I think you must share a video showing what is going on with your board.