W6100 and 16 bit MCU

Our microcontroller knows 16 bit as the smallest memory reservation, so even if we declare a variable as uint8_t or char, 16 bits will be reserved. We would like to connect our MCU to the W6100 through SPI; will the library suit this 16 bit restriction, or are there 8 bit operations/functions which will definitely need to be rewritten?

Hello Daan

What microcontroller do you use?

Even though microcontroller core’s bus is 16bit, it can access 16bit also 8bit typically.

It sounds interesting that your microcontroller smallest memory reservation is 16bit.

Our microcontroller is of Texas Instruments: TMS320F28377S, it doesn’t support 8 bit variables. I agree, it’s a quite unusual processor.

Will this be an issue for the ioLibrary?

DSP is a special microprocessor.

If you can read / write 8bit to w6100 with spi, you can use any microprocessor of TI.

But the io6Library was not created considering that the char type variable is 16 bits.

so you need to modify some c codes and test.

I am sorry that I don’t have a working example on the dsp that I can provide.