w5500 strange behavior

Hello, I am developing a simple http
server. I use stm32f4 + w5500. Ported an example from WIZ550WEB. Everything worked fine, but I was happy early.

I use google translate …

  1. My actions (in simple terms) and the problem:
    a) I connect this device to my router (NTE_RG-1402). By DHCP I get an ip address ( In the settings of the router, the connection is displayed, the MAC address is displayed. Via a PC (win8), also connected by cable to the router, I go through Chrome on the issued IP - the page loads, everything works fine.
    b) in the same way, I go through another PC connected in the same way - everything is also OK.
    c) I go through my laptop (win10) connected via wifi - No reaction. In the terminal of my device, it does not even show what was the request. WireShark also does not show any requests. Nothing at all.
    d) When entering through the Phone (android), laptop (win7), nothing happens either.

With computers connected by cable - the device is pinged, with other devices not.
I go to my friend, turn on the device, I also get the DCHP ip address: it comes from my laptop, it comes from the phones, but it does not come from the MacBook - everything is exactly the same as in the cases described above.
wi-fi and wired connections are in the same vlan

It means that problem occurs before W5500 is reached by the request. There must be a problem with routing.

I assume routing between WiFi subnetwork and wired subnetwork is allowed?

Both connected through WiFi? You surely have problems between WiFi and wired networks.

As it turned out, the problem was in the code.
In short:
When receiving DHCP, a single MAC address appears in the router. And after connecting, it turned out, when I pinged the IP Scanner, it turned out that the device sends a different MAC. (In general, the problem with the structures)