How to start with W5500


I use the W5500 on a dsPIC33E. I would like to start with simple tests, sharing simple data. The thing is I do not really know where to start. Didn’t find a “getting started” or something to understand the whole procedure on how to start a talk between PC and Microcontroller and what happens on the SPI Lines. I use the ioLibrary. I know this sounds a bit harsh but I just want to know on how I should get into this.

Would appreciate any help

I’ll start by looking into these example projects for their eval board:

Porting the library to the dsPIC environment usually involves implementing all the callback functions in wizchip_conf.c from the …\ioLibrary\Ethernet folder.

You’ll likely need to implement DHCP client and DNS client code, which you can find in the “internet” folder. The ioLibrary is not interrupt driven. This means the socket status registers need to be polled constantly. This also means it is a good idea to use the non-blocking socket option if you have multiple sockets running.

If you only want to send some UDP or TCP packets across your network, you won’t even necessarily need DHCP or DNS. I think for beginners it would be easier to just manually set an IP similar to those already present in the network.
Then check whether the LINK is up and if you can ping the device, if that works, you can try to open a port (UDP might be easier for starters) and then use a terminal like Wireshark to see if your computer receives the packets. After that, you could start adapting that structure to your requirements.