Data missing at 460800 kbps in WIZ750SR

Hello Everyone,

I am using WIZ750SR ver1.2 module for UART to Ethernet communication. In the hard specs the maximum serial baud rate supported is 460 Kbps. I have set the UART baud rate as 460800 and I am sending 16565 bytes every 500ms. I am using a local server to check my data. My issue is that some times I am getting only 16562 bytes instead of 16565 bytes. ie 3 bytes are missing. I checked by sending the same 16565 bytes every 1 sec also, the same issue persists. When I use 230400 kbps with 1 second, it is working but my requirement is to send 16565 bytes every 500 ms.

  1. What is the maximum baud rate the device supports ?
  2. Why some times 3 bytes are missing with 460800 kbps?
  3. Can we set a baud rate between 230400 and 460800 or even above 460800 kbps?