Transformer, PIC controller & BOM

Hi guys,

on the WIZ550io product photo I see a transformer, but in the schematics V1_1 I cannot find it.
Maybe the photo is of an previous release. What version do I get if I order the module?

It would be awesome if you can supply the source code of the PIC12F519 controllor or at least some
documentation what and how the initial configuration works.

Also I would love to see a Bill of Materials of this module.
I cannot identify the PN of the Ethernet Jack with embedded magnetics.

Thanks for your support.

WIZ550io have two version.
One is v1.0 consisted of transformer and RJ45. Now Available ( If you order the module, you will get v1.0)
One is v1.1 consisted of MAGJACK. Now not avilable. (This is not ready yet. This version will be released for 2014 Design contest - Connect the Magic. refer to [url][/url])

There is no pic driver example. You will port it easily to PIC becase The code is based on C and standard library.
As you known, There are several MCU, it is implossible that we supports driver example to all mcu.

BOM will be posted to the wizwiki site as soon as possible.

To use either one does not matter if you design.

BOM is uploaded at [url][/url].