Data packaging time

Hi folks,
I have some questions about Data packaging time / timeout, i didn’t find anything in datasheet about that.
My problem is that our device we need to connect to ethernet, uses small sized commands (4 Bytes) and small anwers (25 Bytes) to communicate with a GUI and after every command the GUI waits for an Ack (2 Bytes) before sending the next one.
We habe a baudrate of 921600 and we use HW-handshake.

Our System:
UART(µC) – UART(WizFi) – TCP/IP (AP mode, TSN, datamode) – TCP/IP/VirtualPort(Linux) – GUI

With the W5500S2E chip everything works smooth (we reach an throughput over 400Hz)! But when we try to connect the device over WLAN we reach not more than 4Hz!
We analysed our traffic with wireshark and we saw a latency of 0,2s (wich we don’t have when we use the wired chip)!

Now the question is: is this latency from a data packaging timeout?

Can we reduce this time out? (the W5500 have a command to set this time but I didn’t find anything about this in datasheet of WizFi310).

Another question: At the end of your datasheet (WizFi310) you got an apendix with the data throughput. Is it right that you get a higher throughput with command-mode ? Why is this so?

I hope my problems/questions and my descriptions are clear and understandable.

Thanks to all

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