WizFi 630 EVB - Site Survey Showing SSIDs

SSID’s can be any UTF-8 characters.

However, when testing Japanese or Chinese letters for the SSID, such as:

Japanese: キンギョ
Chinese: 馬卡龍

We set up this ssid through a router, and when we do a site survey this network shows up as “Network-XXX”

How can we get the actual UTF-8 characters so that the user knows which network to connect to? If there are multiple networks like this in the area then the user won’t know which one is the correct one.

Is this an issue for Wizfi at all or is it just something we will have to put up with? With unsupported characters in a site survey, it would be difficult to discern between available networks and which one should be selected.

Hello Filip

As you said, WizFi630 doesn’t support some special characters in SSID and Passphrase.
Maybe to support this, WizFi630-f/w need to be upgraded.