DHCP IP address


I am working on DHCP and it worked properly.
But i am having some doubts like, My chip will get Dynamic IP Address and SUBR and Gateway. Other end somebody wants to send some data to my assigned IP address, How they will get to know the IP address because DHCP IP address may change regularly.

Please help me out with this issue.


If another device needs to send data to your device, you can use a fixed IP address instead. I do this, and the fixed address is user-configurable via a web page.

If this is not an option you may be able to configure your router to assign the same fixed address “around” the DHCP table. ASUSwrt-Merlin firmware supports this (LAN page/DHCP Server tab), and DD-WRT may too. Not sure about off-the-shelf router firmware.

If your router doesn’t support that option, it may be able to run dnsmasq, which if configured properly would allow it to act as a local DNS. I’ve never done that so you’ll have to research it if the other options don’t work for you.

Assuming you are talking about the devices on the same network, you’ll have to use static IP allocation or implement mDNS.


If another device needs to send data to your device, you should modify the setting of router.
And you should set the port of device in Port forwarding of router.
You refer the as below.