WIZ750SR-110 Getting Started Manual Help

Can someone please clarify the meaning of this sentence mentioned in WIZ750SR-110 Getting Started manual

If the DHCP(automatic IP allocation) is used, both the WIZ750SR and test PC must be set to be assigned the same IP from the same router.

As far as I understand, this means: the S2E client should have Remote Host settings that of PC and these settings should not change during re-connection to the network.

Please correct me If I am wrong.


The sentence is not clear so that it seems to have made you confused.

When you use DHCP mode, you must be sure that WIZ750SR and your test PC have IP addresses which are able to communicate each other.
For example, WIZ750SR is in DHCP mode and it is allocated to “192.168.11.xxx” but your PC is “192.168.1.xxx” and subnet mask is “”.
Then, they can’t communicate each other because they are in different IP address scope. You must be sure that your PC is in “192.168.11.xxx” address range.

Above sentence should be changed to
“If the DHCP is used, it must be sure that both the WIZ750SR and test PC have IP addresses in the same Subnet address range.”

I hope it become clear.


Ok, I got what you mean.

But the remote host settings section of the client side configuration must contain IP address and port number for connecting to Server PC through TCP/IP.

Is there any way I can automatically update the remote host IP That the DHCP has allocated To the server PC to avoid configuring the client module each time the network is changed?