WIZ750SR-110 TCP/IP Server Password


I have two WIZ750SR-110, One is Server with a password and the second one is client.

Now without the password the devices recognize each other on the network and communicate without any problem. But when I try using the TCP/IP password, I cannot find a solution as to how I can send the password from client automatically to the server for maintaining the connection. I want to send the password on power-On or Network Connect.

Can someone please give me a suggestion?

Note: I do know that to initialize connection I need to send the password first to the server otherwise it closes the connection.


If your device connected to WIZ750SR-110 as a Client doesn’t send the password on Serial port, there is no way.
If so, you need to customize the code for you.


Any leads like manual or guide on how I can change the code?