Wiz850io hangs



I use wiz850io modules with xmega256a3u. My app connects to a server, listening at 8013 port. A special ‘protocol’ to transfer data and maintain TCP session is made. Everything works fine, but then a TCP retransmissions start to ocure.
After a few houres wiz module draws so much current, it couses my 0.5A DC/DC switcher to ‘crash’.

Server is at, the two wiz+xmega boards are at .242 and .243

I do program with Bascomt.
Here is a wireshark result.
Does anyone encountered similar problems with w5500?
Another thing - this ‘overload’ happens in a rather unknown network. Here, ‘at home’ this happened only once.




Measure the supply current to the module and make a graph of how it changes. Also measure module/chip temperature (cold/warm/hot/very hot/can not touch grade would be ok).