W850io Autonegotation Problem


not the first one with this Problem…using a Wiz850io (W5500 based ).
Based on the Schematic the Module is set to Autonegotation ON.
Using a Cisco - Switch (SG-200-26) i dont get a LinkUp until i set the used Port manuall to 100MBit.

Reading the PHYCFGR i can see that OPMD is 0 (= use HW Pins )
Manual settings this to 1 and OPMDC to 111 also gives no Change.

No way to get it working using Autonegotation. Any Ideas ?


Really great if you use professional Equipment like a Cisco SG200.

Problem was only the Switch Firmware. But you cant download and update to the actuall Version,
in my Case i must update to , then to (actuall Version ).

Now all is working !!



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Good :grinning:

Have a nice day!