I am trying to work on 4 different WIZ750SR modules (2 of them are 110 and other 2 are TTL). I am finding it difficult to check all 4 of them on the wizconfig-V1.0.0 program simultaneously. The program window only shows any 2 devices at given time. Suppose all 4 of them are powered up and connected to the same network, now to configure, I need to first power down/disconnect two modules and then configure remaining ones. After first 2 devices are configured, I have to repeat the same process for the remaining two.

Is there any solution to view all of them simultaneously?

Am I doing something wrong?

Please advise.

Hello @neo ,
Sorry for the late reply.

I have never seen such a problem.

Wizconfig tool is implemented to detect all supported devices.
If devices are on the same network, all 4 devices must be searched.

I think the network environment seems to be the cause.
Can you capture network packets using wireshark?

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Hello @rena,

Thank you for your reply. I figured out the problem and it is exactly what you suggested. The devices were indeed on different address space.