W5100 not supporting communication via switch.

I ran into an issue related to W5100 chip that was realy strange…
I’m using two W5100 shields. One with Arduino Uno and the other with with Arduino Due.
Both of them are working well, but the one that is being used with Arduino Due does not provide communication via a switch. It only communicates when the cable attached to it is pluged directly into PC or AP. The other one which is pluged onto Arduino Uno works fine with both PC or AP or any switch…
Strange… :thinking::thinking::thinking:
What could be the reason…???

W5100+Arduino Uno------->Switch------->PC… Working
W5100+Arduino Uno------->PC… Working

W5100+Arduino Due----->Switch----->PC… Not Working
W5100+Arduino Due------->PC… Working


Hello, Rana_Uzair

Could I ask some network setting?
Are they same Switch between Uno to Switch and Due to Switch?
And Do you only connect Shield to PC via Switch? no other network like internet?
What about shield ip? do you fix them or use dhcp?
And What kind of communication do you use like UDP, TCP… ?

Sorry, lots of question… for me it is so strange too.

Thank you

1- No, the switch is not same. Both Uno and Due are on separate separate switches.
2- If I attach shield to PC or an Access Point via POE, in both these cases the shield works. The shield+Due only do not work with a switch.
3- The shild’s IP for all are fixed, with different MAC addresses.
4- TCP and UDP both, basically a web server.

Alright thanks for your checking.

One thing could I know more about switch specific name ?
Because some how W5x00 affected by some switches like Cisco.
(And what if you change Uno and Due, then we can find what happens the problem.)

And If Link LED is flashing, could you fix the speed 100 or 10 from switch configuration tool ?

Thank you

The switch is usual hub type unmanaged 5 port.
Hence the speed cannot be specified.
The packages have been sealed so the shielda cannot be swaped in between uno and due.

Could I know which model they are and which company they came from?

I could not get the point, it is packages. It does not matter it is package or not.

case1) package a (uno+shield) <–> switch a <–> pc : work?
case2) package b (due+shield) <–> switch a <–> pc : work?
case3) package a (uno+shield) <–> switch b <–> pc : work?
case4) package b (due+shield) <–> switch b <–> pc : work?

I just want to check the switch is working well with W5100.

Thank you

What are the MAC address, IP address, IP mask and gateway settings for both W5100 devices?