Serial Security Configuration commands

I have a question regarding the use of the serial AT command pairs DU/GU and AU/PU.

What is, beside of the number of parameters the purpose for these two configurations ?
For me the note about the channel information in AU/PU is a little confusing.
Does this mean, that if I use the AU/PU configuration, I always have to be aware about the actual channel usage of the module, what if in automation selection mode might be challenging to handle.

What does the radius configuration mean in AP-Client multibridge mode ?
Are the Radius settings valid for both, the local devices connected to the LAN ports as well as for the external devices, conncted to the local AP ?

How is the enterprise mode, using the Radius settings, activated ?

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/ and / are some like. But they are separated for using WizFi630’s mode.
/ are used in AP mode, Gateway mode, Client Mode. But / command are used in AP-Client Mode of WizFi630.

For detailed information about security command, refer this document.