Arduino Ethernet Shield 2, Interrupt pin not working

Since Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 not provides connection between INT on W5500 with External Interrupt pins on 328P. I solder a jumper wire to connect INT(W5500) with PD3(INT1 on Arduino) together.

The INT pin should stay with 3.3V all the time until any event happen to assert this pin to low level. But as soon as power up, the INT pin goes down to 0.9V in deassert state and 0V in assert state.

I attached Arduino Ethernet Shield offical schematic here which has a 10K pull-up resistor on INT pin.

Does anyone know how to make interrupt pin work electrically on Arduino Ehternet Shield 2 ? Thanks.

Did you configure PD3 in input mode? 0.9V is incorrect logic level, most probably you have electrical conflict.