Inductor in power of W5100



In W5100 schematic there is a inductor between analog and digital ground. What is its value?
Do I use a ferrite bead or I can use a normal inductor ?




As far as I know, you have to use ferrite bead.
Because the inductor(FB2) was used “HB-1M1608-121” in the W5100E01- AVR schematic.
Please refer to as below.

Schematic :
part list :

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What is exact value of inductor FB2 in this circuit ? ( as you mentioned its part no. is “HB-1M1608-121” )
I saw in the schematic that the digital ground ( GNDD ) and analog ground ( GNDA ) pins of the chip is tied together. Is it right ? I must short these pins ?




You have to use 0.5A or 0.3A/120 ohm or 60 ohm as Ferrite bead value and we use the “HB-1M1608-121”.
I recommend that these pins(GNDD/GNDA)is connected to Ferrite bead for stability.

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