Window size is zero when I try to connect in TCP mode


I am using W5100 in TCP Server mode. I can ping my module but when I try to connect to it using e.g. “Hyperterminal” it fails to connect. I analyzed it using “wireshark” and i concern the chip sets the window size to zero.
any suggestion ?



Do you use the our source code?
In case of Ping,If IP address of W5100 set up and link connect with router, you can ping test.
Do you execute the socket open operation before connection operation?
Could you tell me detail description about your problem?

thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, I have done all of this. I have built a lot of modules with this chip and all works as well. Only one of these works as I described.
I can Ping it and I did port open commands. But when I try to connect to module it reports zero windows size so refuses the sync.

any suggestion ?



How do you set up the rx/tx buffer size?
Our driver set up the using sysinit() function as tx/rx buffer 2K.

  1. For example, If you open the socket 0, please confirm the tx/rx buffer size of socket 0.
  2. please test after maximum tx/rx buffer size set up.

thanks, :slight_smile:

I have left the buffer size in its default value ( 2K for each buffer ).