is there any way to control the GPIOs through TCP/IP communication?

Does the IF-Board also exist in eagle format? Or is there an eagle lib? I only need the Footprint.




If you want to control the GPIOs through TCP/IP, you have to control in your MCU.
For example, When WizFi250 receives TCP/IP packet, Your MCU can use AT command like <AT+FGPIO>.
For detailed information about <AT+FGPIO>, refer to

And I will check it about eagle lib and footprint data.

Thank you.



thanks for your response. I thought there might be a way to use the GPIOs directly without a MCU.
Thus, the GPIOs have no sense to me, since I can directly use the GPIOs from the MCU.

Eagle Data (lib/Footprint/IF-Board schematic/board file) would be great. When could you send me this? :wink:

The mentor graphics pads file from the wiki … doesn’t help me, since i have no licence for this program. :imp: :imp:

Mr. Wuelbeck from european service wanted to care of it last week, but unfortunately he seems to be in trouble because of the embedded world exhibition. :frowning:

Thank you.



If you can use web interface, WizFi250 can control GPIOs directly without a MCU.
For detailed information, refer to this URL and attached document.
LED_Control.pdf (233 KB)

Thank you.



thanks for your response. I have to control it through TCP/IP commands, so the web interface is no option for me.
But that’s not real problem for me, beacause of this I will use a separate MCU now.

At the moment the eagle data are more important for me. Were you able to find something out about it?



Hi snipor

You wants WizFi250 Eagle CAD Library?

I’ve uploaded the WizFi250 Eagle CAD Library to WizWiki.

Thank you.