Connection over Internet using S2E


I want to know if I can communicate with WIZ750SR-TTL over the internet. Let me clarify my question further. What I want to achieve is remote access between two domains over internet?

Can this be done with some software and no port forwarding or configuring the firewalls. If there is some other device that can achieve this feat, please do let me know.

Thank you.

Hello, @neo.

I didn’t understand what your question means.
Do you want to control the device on a remote network?

Please give more details.
Thank you.

Ok so I have a computer running wizvsp and it is at my home (Network 1).

Through VSP i want to communicate with WIZ750SR-TTL S2E over internet.

S2E is located at my office (Network 2). Now, i can configure S2E to act a server but then I cannot access it through Internet. Basically I want to access my serial device over internet.

Hello, @neo,

Ok, I understood.

In this case, you can set up port forwarding on the server side network.
(In this case, WIZ750SR side)
and in the WIZVSP settings, change the remote host setting with external IP & forwarding port.

Hi, @neo

And ‘Port Forwarding’ is not hard.
Your office Router has ‘Port Forwarding’ function. (set port number and local IP address)
And you need to fix the S2E IP address as local IP address assigned from Router.

Then you can connect to the S2E with Router external IP & S2E forwarding port.

Thank you

I have tried and successfully connected to WIZ750SR using port forwarding. But the only reason I am searching for an alternate method or a device is because my company is not so keen on opening ports to the outside internet traffic.

We have a VPN service which allows access into the company’s local area network but for reasons unknown, I am not able to connect to WIZ750SR over VPN.

Hi, neo

Could you tell me more details about VPN network connection you tried?

WIZnet module does not support VPN client. So, WIZ750SR would be communicated via VPN router.

Thank you