Migrating from WIZ820IO to WIZ850IO


Our team is currently using WIZ820io in one product and we would like to migrate WIZ850io.
My teammates is working on how to migrate but they are still in progress.

I would like to know that is there any document specify how to migrate from WIZ820io to WIZ850io in terms of software.
Is there anything we need to take into before migration ?

Best regards.

I’m so sorry about getting back to you so late.
WIZ850io is hardware compatible with WIZ820io. WIZ820io users, to migrate to WIZ850io, need to modify the Firmware.
Because of the SPI frame of WIZ850io is different from WIZ820io.


Hi. I have an issue about the process of migration firmware.

To successfully program the new firmware into the WIZ850io, what is needed? Do you have any dedicated program for this? Also, do you have any guidelines on how to do this change?