BroadR Reach

Do you have a information about how to connect the
W3150+ from MikroElektronika’s BroadR Reach Click Board to a PC?

Is it possible?

Thank you

Hi, suki

BroadR-Reach is not from WIZnet.
So, unfortunately, WIZnet do not support any office document about BroadR-Reach.
We only supports about W3150+ here,

This module needs external MCU.
First, you need to connect between this module and external MCU with BUS or SPI interface.
For that, you can use the library supported by mikroe.

Then if you want to connect it(module + MUC) to PC, there are so many ways for it.
One of them is using Hercules UCP, TCP serial terminal tool.
(you can download here, Hercules SETUP 3.2.8 Free Download for Windows 10, 8 and 7 -

Thank you.