AXI Test application

When this application pops up with a “Data Invalid”, what is it trying to tell me.
Is there a way to make it show the data i am sending?

Everything looks fine on WireShark, and it gets the bytes I send.
The W5100s registers look fine.

do you mean ,on wireshark, sending data and receive data are exactly the same data?
could you share the packet info?

I don’t have Wireshark data readily to send. If necessary, I think I can re-create it.
But the scenerio is as follows:

  1. Axi - send data to Wiznet module.
  2. Wiznet module receives.
  3. Wiznet module sends data to Axi.

Axi Test Application displays a “Data Invalid” MessageBox.

Since I don’t have the source for this, I would like to know why this error is displayed. Is the Axi App comparing the data sent to the data received?
The WizNet module may NOT send the same data (or the same number of bytes) it receives from the Axi App in my test scenario.


Yes AX tool compare send data and receive data.
Could you check the receive buffer when you send specific data from AX tool ?

And even you can not find any difference, I recommend you install wireshark to check the packets between PC and WIZnet module.
You can download it here. it is opensource tool.

How do I check the Receive buffer in AX Tool?