Cannot see mesages from client to server on wireshark


I am new in TCP and in W5100S. Just started to use this chip on W5100S EVB V1.0 board. I initialized all ports, ip etc. And now when I start communications, I can see only ACKs from server. First ACK to my connection request with Syn set. Then I try to send message from client to server and I have ACK from server, but I do not see messages from client at all on wireshark.

Anyone had similar issues ?


could you share the tcp handshake packets from wireshark?
W5100S is server or client? And did you check socket status is SOCK_ESTABLISHED ?

Thank you for your replay. All sorted now and everything is running well.

That is so great!!
Any time, if you have issues or problems, please share it :slight_smile: