Missing web configuration

Hi there,
I’m looking the web configuration feature that is stated in the products webpage (https://www.wiznet.io/product/wifi-module/), and i’m not able to find it.
The wizfi250 looks like have it implemented and is possible to configure it, the at instructions related to it are AT+MCWUI and AT+FWEBS

Is this the feature implemented? or is only wrongly stated in the products webpage?

Please refer to the following links about the AT+FWEBS.


Web server for configuration can run after joining to AP or running as Soft AP.

there is a link how to start web server using HW trigger.

Yes Sir, as i said in the first post, i found the information related to the wizfi250, but this post is made at WizFi310, and is the one i’m asking about, so, does the WizFi310 have implemented the web configuration?
Also i mentioned the product page, that states “configuration … AT Command, Web”, i know there are AT air commands, but that is not properly “web” configuration. So, the question, again, is about the WizFi310 web configuration

unfortunately, the WizFi310 do not be supported web configuration.
it is wrong information, I will modify it.

Hey there, just to point out another misinformation, at the AT commands description, in the wiki page, under the AT+MPROF description, in the example, you can find “+FWEBS=…”, that i’m guessing, is referreing to the web server