Hello everyone,

I have configured the WizFi220 to the default settings. But I am not being able to connect or even ping to the device. I have assigned a static IP within the same subnet. One thing, the WiFi network I am using is a very secure, password protected network. It’s my office network actually. So, can that be a cause for me not being able to connect. If it is, how do assign the password to the module or atleast be able to bypass the password.

Please let me know if there might be any other reasons.

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Hello Gaurav

There are some unclear part in your environments.

  1. “I am not being able to connect” ==> What does it mean?

  2. Could you show me the ?

Hi ssekim,

Thanks for the response from your part.

I got it up and started today morning. it is working with AT command mode. with “ATA” command I got connected.

Now I would like to use the data mode (not command mode). I would like to know how this will connect in data mode on every power cycle without any AT command.



For setting data mode on every power cycle without any AT command, you can use AT command as below.

Thanks a lot Kaisen,

That helped.

Now I am facing another problem. I have two routers on the same network. The scenario is that my PC (client) is connected to router 1(primary router) and the WizFi220(connected to an oven via serial) is connected to router 2 (which is connected to router 1).

I am being able to talk to the WizFi device only when both client and server are on the same router. I would welcome any suggestion to configure the Wizfi device or manage any other settings so that I can connect to the WizFi device even it is connected to a different router.

The main objective is to monitor the Oven remotely over WiFi.

P.S: Both are on the same subnet ( but have different default gateway (Router 1: and Router 2: I have attached an image to depict my scenario in a better way.

I have question about this problem. Do you want to connect Laptop(client) to WizFi220(server) on the different network? right?

If it’s right, I wonder What is the IP address of Laptop and WizFi220?

Hey Kaizen,

I am not that good in networking, but I think they are on the same network. The line coming from my ISP is fed into router 1 (SSID lets say xxx) where my laptop is connected and then router 2 (SSID lets say yyy) is connected to router 1 The WizFi device is connected to router 2.

Here are a few more clarifications:

  1. Router 1 and Router 2 both has different SSID and Password
  2. Router 1 and Router 2 both has different default gateway. (for Router 1) and (for Router 2)
  3. However Router 1 and Router 2 has the same subnet mask
  4. The laptop(client) has a dynamic IP connected to Router 1 (lets say for now) and the WizFi220 has a static IP connected to Router 2, lets say

Please clarify me on this scenario whether they are considered to be on different or same network. What are the configurations I have to change, if there is any? I might need to ask my network staff to make the changes if required.

PS: Both the client and server works fine if they are both connected to one router either Router 1 or Router 2.

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If you set subnet to Router 1 and Router 2, I think your Router 1( ex, your Laptop ) can’t communicate with Router 2( ex, WizFi220).

I have two idea.
If you don’t want change Router’s IP, Change the Router 1 and Router 2’s subnet value to

Or If you don’t want change Router’s Subnet, Change the Router 2’s IP address to 10.96.66.xx.

Thank you.

Thanks for the help Kaizen.
I got your point.

Now I have pushed the reserved button twice consecutively and many times thereafter. I went through the data sheet and it said that the device is restored to factory default if the reserved button is pressed twice. Now I am unable to get into command mode to configure the device back again. I tried switching the hardware trigger for changing over from data mode to command mode but in vain. I opened up the hyperterminal and typed ‘AT’ and it got typed something as ‘}w}’.

Please provide me the steps to get it up again.


Hi gauravptalukdar89

Reserved button is GPIO21. If you click the GPIO21 button twice consecutively, the WizFi210 is restored to factory default and changed . But this action needs some delay as below.

And this action is finished successfully, you can show log message via HyperTerminal.

Thank you.