W5300 1.8V normal output range.

I would like to know the normal rage of 1.8V internal regulator.
Our device has 1.71V output.
Is this enough for VCC1A8 and VCC1V8 inputs?
Please advise me.

It is more than 5%, thus in general should not be good.
Can you describe your real problem, and share circuit diagram?

Thanks for reply.
Usually our device shows 1.74V
Is it depend on VDD (3.0V-3.6V) level?
1.71V device has some problem?

If it is said in datasheet that it is 1.8V, then it must be 1.8V or very close to this value. In my opinion, ±5% must be a threshold.

Is the voltage level is the only problem you experience in functionality of the chip? Why did you start measuring this voltage in the first place?

Thanks for the advice.
Actually our customer has the board that mount these devices.
And then they are anxious about 1.71V core operation.
I would like to say that the device was fully tested with such a low core voltage.
and no problem to use.
They should be better to test the board with the minimum Vdd?

Then your answer, and the direction of the research must be guided by the customer requirements. It sounds they are performing some kind of certification and stress testing. Regarding the power levels datasheet only details 3.3V input voltage in range of 3.0 to 3.6 (about 9%), but it does not directly mean that 1.8V must have the same tolerance.

Why the customer is anxious about this fact? What risks do they see? What these risks, if materialized, will cause?

The device they used before had 1.74V around voltage.
But the device we shipped has 1.71V, So they hesitate to use it.
Anyway I will let them inform this forum and get more advice.

Many thanks.