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External 1.8V supply?


My board already has a high efficiency 1.8V switching regulator implemented. I am wondering (as I see no documentation for this) whether the onboard 1.8V (I presume LDO) can be disabled and the 1.8V be supplied (nice filtered and ripple free) to the Analog and Digital 1.8V pins?



Hello Michael,

LDO of W5200 can not be disabled.
So you’d better use internal LDO of W5200.

WIZnet has already released a new chip.
It’s W5500 and you can find easily on WIZnet website.
The functionallity is all most same.


JC Kim

will the code for 5200 work with 5500?

Maybe it is similar
please refer this page to http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=products:w5500:driver
You could get the more information about this.
Good luck to you~~

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