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Ethernet Connection problem (HW Rev 1.2)


We are using the WIZ550S2E (HW Rev 1.1, SW Rev 1.0.3) in our product. Recently we’ve started using WIZ550S2E Rev 1.2 (with the same SW Rev. 1.0.3), but its Ethernel link stopped working (with same application); the Ethernet communication can’t be established and both PHY LED’s are OFF. When WIZ is replaced to previous HW Rev. 1.1 the problem disappears and it works OK once again. The WIZ in or system is connected to ETH/OP card that is OK, if connected directly to external switch. The new WIZ Rev 1.2 also works OK if connected directly to external switch. Voltage and other WIZ signals looks OK. Serial communication with WIZ is established and WIZ responds OK, except Ethernet.

Pls, advise what may be the problem. It looks that it is somehow related to the Rev. 1.2 HW changes.

Pasternak Arie.

Dear Ariep

Thank you for your questions. I’ll leave you an answer after checking it.

Thank you.


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