WSET and WSEC not being saved

Hi there,
I keep testing the module, and detected that the network instructions state that they are being saved, without calling the MPROF=S at instruction.
Y tested multiple time and noted that if i set up the network configuration, and reset the module without calling the MPROF=S instruction, that configuration get lost.


Most of configurations can be stored in Flash drive with +MPROF=S.
but, the commands regarding Network attachment, such as +WSET, +WNET, +WSEC, can be stored in Flash drive directly when you type that commands without +MPROF=S.

you should type +MPROF=S commands to store configuration. if you want to store some configurations like module config, auto connection and so on.

which commands did you lost?

Hey there,
thanks for the follow, those commands that i was talking about, were precisaly wset, wnet and wsec, they are not being stored, when i called them. I checked this by set them up, and then resetting the module, it will always start with the default configurations.
So, what i think is that every configuration must be stored by using MPROF=S, the datasheet is wrong about the commands that states “autosaving”

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thanks, I will check about that