Function pin soft triggered

Hey there, as part of the continuous testing of this module that i’m running, i found the func pin, that triggers some “events”, i would like to know if there is anyway to execute the AP mode ran by this pin, through at commands.
Actually it has a cool feature, that is the name of network being used, that contains the MAC of the device, i want to trigger that configuration, through at commands.
Can you please point me out how to do this?


I understood that you’d like to execute the AP mode with MAC address using AT commands

there is no software trigger to set configuration with just one command.
but you can see the MAC address using AT+MMAC=?
then you should make SSID using MAC address

the FUNC pin is defined 2 functions.
if it triggered once, the module will start AP mode as you know. and run TCP Server using 5000 port.
if it triggered 3 times, the module will set initial(factory default) configurations.

Yes i wanted to run the func pin AP mode with one command, the default ssid should contain the MAC address, because as it’s now, every module has the same default SSID, that it’s not useful, that’s why i wanted to run or trigger the AP mode of the func pin in one go.
So many design issues with this module

yes, I agree your opinion.
and now the WizFi310 doesn’t provide that function.
why don’t you try to set the AP mode with several commands like +MMAC to get the MAC address.

Yes, is actually what i did, even though, that way cost me memory and processing time, that in bare metal embedded systems mean wasted of resources.
That also means to detour the current developed work flow of the wifi layer, to make this is required to develop an “internal” state machine for this module, so it can handle multiple instructions in the “background”, to simulate one (actually slower) instruction for the general wifi layer state machine.
Anyways, it is as it is, thanks for your support