Wiz110sr How to reset to factory?

SW1 Do you power off and connect to ground and power back up and then search?
SW1 Do just connect to ground while the power is on?
J1 1-5 are any of those jumped at the same time or are they required to reset to factory.
Nothing I have tried works for me.
Everything just remains the same.

Hello safe1234,

the method I am using is the following: If I notice I have to reset a module and it’s running I connect to the serial port. Then I just shorten both pins of JP1 (with a scissor or a screwdriver or something you can firmly press on both holes of JP1) and power cycle the module. Then I can see on the serial console that the module has been reset to factory default. I release the screwdriver/scissor/tool and power cycle the module again. it is then booting with the factory defaults. What did you use to shorten the pins of JP1?

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