Ethernet communication between MATLAB and FPGA

I want to make a simulink model which uses TCP/IP Send and TCP/IP Recieve modules of Instrument Control Toolbox and send/recieve data to/from FPGA i.e. establishing an ethernet communication between MATLAB and FPGA

can anyone suggest to me a chip that can make good interface between MATLAB and FPGA with very high data rate (greater than or equal 100 Mbps) ?

Thank you !

Our product support Fast Ethernet and it means the physical layer is 10/100 Mbps network.
Normally the network throughput is much less than 100Mbps so it’s impossible to support 100Mbps or greater than this.
I think you’r better consider the Gigabit Ethernet solution.


Can you tell me more about Gigabit ethernet solution you said and which products i have to use ?
Sorry i’m new in that field

Gigabit Ethernet support 1Gbps and there are some vendors providing chipset. For example, Broadcom, AXIS and Marvell.
Unfortunately Wiznet only provide the fast Ethernet(10, 100Mbps) solution.
If your’e using Altera, refer to this. [url]Intel® FPGAs and Programmable Devices-Intel® FPGA