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Impossible to connect to WIZ1000 server

I am unable to connect to the WIZ1000 in TCP server mode.
The WIZ1000 is recognized in the configuration tool. It is set up to static, with IP adress, subnet mask and gateway set up.
It responds well to ping, but it is impossible to connect to it with putty.

I should add that the firmwire version is 82. I tried to upload the last firmwire 1.6, but it keeps to 82. Is it normal ? Also, only the power led is on, the three other leds are off even with cables attached.

Can you help ?

Hi, now I’m checking the stock.
I’m gonna check it on my side and share my result. (version number and 3 led status)
please wait for a while…

Firmware Version 82.0 means that it failed while uploading a firmware.
In this situation, boot code remains but application code is erased.
So you can’t connect to it with putty because there is no application running to be able to accept a connection request from putty.

Something strange is that you couldn’t update with new firmware.
You should have succeeded in firmware upgrading as you can ping to WIZ1000.

We’ll check more why you couldn’t succeed in firmware uploading.

Thank you.


Ok, thank you. I will try again to update the firmware to make sure I did not do anything wrong.

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