Wiznet 5500 (wiz850io): force to 10mbit

I’m currently using a wiz850io module with WIZNET5K drivers and I need to force such board to 10mbit. I know it’s possible via a sw configuration: do you have a quick hint to the right setting in the source code ?


Dear scardig!

You can refer to PHYCFGR register described in W5500 datasheet.

And, If you use ioLibrary, you can just ctlwizchip() function with “CW_SET_PHYCONF”.

As below is an example.

wiz_PhyConf myphyconf;

myphyconf.by = PHY_CONFBY_SW;
myphyconf.mode = PHY_MODE_MANUAL;
myphyconf.speed = PHY_SPEED_10M;
myphyconf.duplex = PHY_DUPLEX_HALF; // or PHY_DUPLEX_FULL

ctlwizchip(CW_SET_PHYCONF, (void*)&myphyconf);

you can download ioLibarary in github.



myphyconf.speed should be PHY_SPEED_10 without the final M

myphyconf.speed = PHY_SPEED_10;