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[WIZ750SR] Multicast problem


I am working with Wiz750SR (firmware version: 1.2.4).
Could you share some information about sending multicast UDP packets from WIZ750SR?

I tried the following, but it did not work:
Operation mode: UDP
Local IP:
Subnet mask:
Remote host:

If I change the remote host to (unicast) it works, but I would need multicast support.


The WIZ750SR firmware does not support multicast.
For multicast communication, you must set Multicast IP and port in Destination IP and port and set Sn_MR [7] = 1 before opening socket.

So I prepared a bin file for you.
I added multicast configuration to v1.2.4 firmware as shown below.

W7500x_S2E_App_1.2.4_multicast.bin (41.1 KB)

This can be modified from the link below.

Thanks for the fast response!
I made a quick test and it looks like it works.

On the firmware I guess I should check if the destination IP is a multicast IP and only then apply the changes you made (so that a unicast IP still works).

I updated the firmware version to v1.2.5.
You can download bin file on github.
It check if the destination IP is a multicast IP as you say.

Thank you for your opinion

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