Regarding Serial to WiFi Conversion Module

We are from Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar (Punjab) India.

We are using ThingMagic M6E Micro UHF RFID module.

We are using WIZnet WIZ750SR-100 Serial-to-Ethernet module. It is working fine with our ThingMagic M6E Micro UHF RFID module.

Now we are trying to establish Serial to WiFi connection.

Are you providing any Serial to WiFi module like WIZ750SR-100 Serial-to-Ethernet module which is compatible with ThingMagic M6E Micro UHF RFID module.

If yes then which WIZnet module (Programmable/Non Programmable) shall be use for serial to WiFi conversion?

Is there any provision so that we configure WIZnet WIZ750SR-100 Serial-to-Ethernet module as Serial-to-WiFi.?

You can refer to here.

These products can support to serial-2-wifi.
But, These are not compatible with WIZ750SR-100 command mode.

Thank you.

Thank you for your quick response and support.

Sir, is WiFi360 module is programmable or not?

WizFi360 can be programmed but, i don’t know whether the program method can be opened or not.
Because WizFi360 is not EVB B/D. It is just WIZnet WizFi module product so WIZnet maybe support to upgarde firmware.

If you want to customize the firmware, feel free contact to WIZnet.

Thank you.